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I am elated and delighted to have you here. This special blog was fashioned to continue to help remarkable women evolve into a place where more peace and joy resides. I have learned how to triumph after tragedy by never allowing disappointments to leave me in complete despair. I have been able to trample over grief, depression, a family transition that changed my marital status, and heartache in my favorite heels by connecting more with the things I love. I discovered jewels that allow me to feel happily alive. My solutions include fashion, laughter, motherhood, my thriving career, traveling and inspiration from many places. From this day on, it is my wish that you will connect with an array of things that reach and heal those bruised and battered places in your life. You are such a beautiful and extraordinary overcomer. Visit the blog as much as you need to so that you can be reminded that you can flourish and rise above absolutely anything.

Boujee is such a trendy and relevant term, so it made it to the blog! It represents being luxurious in lifestyle, yet humble in character. Women should embrace the finer and best parts of this life, while always staying grounded and appreciative of all that they have. Boujee Black Mama is the culmination of so much. After all, we are a gorgeous combination of many valuable things. I am an educator, instructor, mother, and mentor each day of my life. Therefore, it was imperative that I continue to help guide other women and mothers through balancing life, personal growth, and goals, in a vibrant and chic manner. This blog is also for younger women. I want you to know that your path to self-esteem and confidence is one that I will journey with you. The key to it all is doing the work. I will coach each of you on that.

I fully understand that fear can bring your life to a halt. However, God has a blessing on the other side of new beginnings. I am delighted to guide you through to the other side of distress. Feel free to tell me what messages resonate the most with you, or if there is something you want to discuss. This blog is about you, and for you.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to having you back soon.

Now, go be happy!


About Kimberly

Kimberly C. Davis is the epitome of excellence and true perseverance. The spunky Southern belle lives a full life devoted to building a powerful legacy for herself, and her son Wade. Deeply rooted in her Christian faith, she exudes greatness in her educational career, as a mother, and as a standout in her community. She is a graduate of the University of West Georgia, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business education. She also attended Troy University, receiving a master’s degree in instructional technology. Kimberly continued her educational pursuits by gaining a specialist degree in educational technology from Walden University. Her commitment in education is deep rooted and goes far beyond degrees and accolades. She comes from a family of educators, with her mother, brother, and two sisters also being astute educational leaders. She credits her parents for carefully molding her with unyielding guidance and inspiration.

Kimberly is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., using the illustrious organization as another avenue to serve many people in various facets. She has been recognized countless times for her undeniable and remarkable impact as a teacher. Kimberly Davis was the 2007 Walmart Teacher of the Year, 2012 Outstanding Woman in Education honoree, 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year, 2012-2013 Rockdale County Public School Teacher of the Year Top 3 Finalist, and the Verizon NYC Education & Stem Session presenter and panel member. While her accomplishments are plentiful, love and compassion are always the true leaders for what she does daily. Kimberly has used her faith to defeat any of life’s difficulties she has met, sharing her story and voice to encourage others. As a dance coach and mentor, she pours countless values into the lives of young ladies. They often gravitate to her welcoming spirit and genuine support. Kimberly Davis is a transformative and engaging professional that will continue to walk the path God distinctly paved just for her.

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